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Fisherman on Vembanad Lake

I set up the camera on a tripod and waited a long time for this moment. I had to time the shutter to release at exactly te split second that the fisherman was properly framed. I didn't want to drop quality by using a burst mode.

The Jokhang in Lhasa Tibet

This holiest of shrines is filled with candles and is hot and slippery with wax. Hand holding was the only option and it required a balance between choosing the right film in this case Fuji Professional 200 ASA shutter speed and aperture to get this right, and of course a steady hand.

Roof of the world

A stupendous view of a range of some of the highest mountains on the planet, all these were well over 5,000 meters and the high pass offered a great view.

Full emersion on the Ganges

It was a privadege to watch the ceremony of immersion on our long trip down the ganges

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Product Catalog

I am happy to quote for a wide variety of finished products. I am well aware that my photographs can be framed in many different ways to suit needs. I am also aware that there are all sorts of printing options. Add to that the location of customers and I feel that it's always best to quote for specific needs. The one thing I can asure you of is that I'm reasonably priced, am not greedy and will make sure that the result is of high quality.

Ordering Images for Commercial Use

I am happy to negotiate realistic royalties based on industry standards for the multiple and single use of these images which I can provide as very high resolution TIFFs as required. To order images, please take a note of the file names and e-mail me your requests. I will return an e-mail with low resolution copies for you to confirm before sending through high resolution graphics, or issuing a CD ROM as is appropriate.
mailto: martin@martin-gandar-photography.com

Prints for you to frame

I generally offer a simple deal. That is a charge for use of the image plus the cost of the print and the postage at cost,

There are many ways to print an immage. For medium sized prints I like to use Giclee FineArt  prints on various papers as these use the latest printing techniques and offer up stunning colours and depth, that suits many of my pictures. But I can offer you plenty of options. I believe that large versions of many of my pictures could transform public spaces and boring offices ( far better than those horrible motivational pictures )

Framed Prints

I am offering framed prints of high quality at realistic prices. I have a number of alternatives and would be happy to discuss your needs and quote prices.


Poster Prints - photographically printed or as Giclee FineArt Prints, the cost varies but the quality is high. These are best sent in a roll, but I can separately send a suitable high quality aluminium frame to match them. This is a highly cost effective way of filing medium sized wall spaces.

Fine art smaller prints: Typically 12" by 8" prints with mounting cards, either framed or unframed depending on your location.


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