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Fisherman on Vembanad Lake

I set up the camera on a tripod and waited a long time for this moment. I had to time the shutter to release at exactly te split second that the fisherman was properly framed. I didn't want to drop quality by using a burst mode.

The Jokhang in Lhasa Tibet

This holiest of shrines is filled with candles and is hot and slippery with wax. Hand holding was the only option and it required a balance between choosing the right film in this case Fuji Professional 200 ASA shutter speed and aperture to get this right, and of course a steady hand.

Roof of the world

A stupendous view of a range of some of the highest mountains on the planet, all these were well over 5,000 meters and the high pass offered a great view.

Full emersion on the Ganges

It was a privadege to watch the ceremony of immersion on our long trip down the ganges

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About Martin


Martin Gandar photographer


I have been an active photographer for thirty years and combined a love of walking and trekking the high mountains of the World with a passion for the people and places I visit.

I have a high contrast and vivid graphical style that is due to my rather impaired eyesight and the fact that I often find the pictures I take more vivid than my initial memory or view of the subject. The camera is often a path to discovery of the beauty defined in the image.

My technical understanding of photography from dark room to mastering very difficult lighting conditions means that I often push the limit of what is possible in the 35mm format ensuring that the images captured are high quality and capable of large scale enlargement. ( at least I try hard to do that ! )

I use a variety of Pentax Bodies and lenses, some manual like a trusted old LX, some automatic like the Pentas ist and recently digital bodies such as the PENTAX K20D, K5 and now the K3 which at 24 Megapixels now more than matches the film.


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